Sunday, November 8, 2009

Uncertain and whimsy still, but in a good way

I'm in a fantastic mood.

Grenadier Six stood at Outpost Sierra, near the peak of Mount Recliner. He'd radioed in as soon as that beast Moriarty came into view - and watched the entire pathetic transgression between an unknown Rifleman and the ungodly monster. The Rifleman was now headed in this direction, looking like he meant business.

It could not be taken as good for the Tan army that a Green unit was coming inward to the line, looking like he meant business. As soon as Field Base returned orders, Grenadier Six would be prepared to bring a stop to the Rifleman's assault. Checking his pinned percussives, the Grenadier eased back into his lookout seat.

The War was built into these men. These toys.

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