Monday, November 2, 2009

more writing, less structure

time blends together, so that I don't know what was when
I sit here and puzzle, with my conceited ojectives, but cannot figure out when that was, where were you, why this or that

don't live in the past, it's the only thing more confusing than the present

I enjoy free writing. I'm sitting here, hidden, not even looking at the screen, just relaxing. I'm typing and flowing, it's good. I like Zoot Woman. I like to sleep a lot. There are no labs for the graphics course. Calvert thinks that students can find their own way around a computer by the time they've hit 4th year. That makes sense. I'm going to take Graphics and Compilers next semester, instead of going back to Microsoft. I'd planned to go back in the winter, but I never really worked to make that happen. Oh well - it means I get to be here and see the people I like to see, for longer. I will hopefully be able to go back there and do something really interesting. Pause. I stopped to breath - just to sit here and exhale, inhale,exhale, inhale. It's nice. I have a lot of work to do -- why aren't I working? I don't really want to at the moment - nah.

Stopped to read.

Turned some music on. It's so easy to question, to sit here and feel down for no reason. There's an easy answer though: don't. So I won't. I'll sit here and be positive. I'm just a tiny cog in a great big unchanging system, and that makes me very goddamned happy. THat brings me the kind of infinite joy that one could normally only extend to the likes of big brother.

Hours pass, I eat and sit. The whole village walks by. Then I sleep, in the home away from home. And now I'm back. To be finished.

--enh, that didn't work quite as well as I'd like.

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